Starry Night

Starry Night

Starry Night

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DIY Painting by numbers kit is for making a unique piece of art by yourself.


●Improving your emotional state
●A good start for new artists
●Endurance training and development of creative abilities and motor skills for children
●A perfect gift for anyone

The game is designed for children older than 6 years and adults.


●13.8 х 17.7 inch (35x45 cm) canvas
●1x wooden stretcher
●2x professional brushes
●1х picture layout
●1х photo of final work
●1х palette of acrylic paints.


●Numbered canvas painting, which is easy to paint. Different paint plot. Clear outlines.
●The canvas is fixed on a wooden frame, so you can paint wherever you want. No need for an easel at all.
●There are 2 samples of drawings: layout and reference


●Acrylic paint is one of the safest for the environment, for children and animals.
●Our paints are odorless.
●New paints do not need to be mixed with water.
●Acrylic paint can be easily washed off with water.
●The DIY kit has more than enough paint to draw the whole picture.


●The brush kit includes 2 items of different sizes, which allows you to paint both: large and small areas.
●Before changing the color or after painting, clean the brush with water or wipe with a dry cloth.


●Paint from the top to the bottom.
●Fill in the numbered areas with the matching color.
●Choose zone you're planning to paint and start painting from the largest to the smallest areas.
●If you went beyond the outline, just apply the matching color on top.
●Lifehack: if your art is left with the paints open and they have dried, just add a little bit of boiling water and leave them for a while. They will be almost as b

Natural Materials

We use only ecologically safe materials: wood, ceramic, gypsum.

High Quality

We are focused on meeting high quality standards.

Limited Edition

We create beautiful designs in limited edition.