Wise Elk™ Miniature Diorama House DIY "Duplex"

Wise Elk™ Miniature Diorama House DIY "Duplex"

Wise Elk™ Miniature Diorama House DIY "Duplex"

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Bring the beauty of a miniature world into your home with this stunning diorama construction set!

With a wooden frame and ceramic bricks included, you can create a unique and intricate scene that will be sure to impress. You can fill the frame with bricks using regular white glue and create your masterpiece.

This construction set is perfect for anyone aged 14 and up who loves building and crafting. The end result is a beautiful decoration that can be hung on a wall or placed on a table or fireplace. This diorama is a fantastic way to add a touch of charm and sophistication to any space in your home. 

So why wait? Unleash your inner artist and start creating your own masterpiece with this fantastic diorama construction set today!

Learning toy for Kids

Wise Elk plaster construction sets are good for kid development and education:

  • They help to develop fine motor skills, stimulate accuracy and logic.
  • They are perfect for school projects.
  • They encourage 3D thinking and imagination.
  • They make a good present for strategic games fans and future architects.
Great Hobby for Adults

Wise Elk kits inspire people of all ages to create lifelike mini buildings from ceramic bricks and glue. This means that our kits can be a great hobby for the whole family.

What is "Wise Elk" Construction Set?

Small real-looking bricks and tiles are easily and firmly connected with safe non-toxic glue.

Follow the instruction to build a model or use your imagination to create your own unique designs.

Our construction sets are reusable. To deconstruct it just put the model in water and separate the bricks. Dry them and they are ready for use again.

Product Information
  • Manufacturer: Wise Elk
  • Made In EU
  • Recommended age: 5+
  • Material type: Mini bricks are made from gypsum, and the tiles (if used in the model) are ceramic
  • Safety Information: Certified to Australian, USA, and European Toy Safety Standards
  • Faith-Based: No


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Natural Materials

We use only ecologically safe materials: wood, ceramic, gypsum.

High Quality

We are focused on meeting high quality standards.

Limited Edition

We create beautiful designs in limited edition.