Set, 3D painting, "Kitten", primed fibreboard, 18x18cm, ROSA TALENT

Set, 3D painting, "Kitten", primed fibreboard, 18x18cm, ROSA TALENT

Set, 3D painting, "Kitten", primed fibreboard, 18x18cm, ROSA TALENT

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The set has everything you need to decorate a multi-layered 3D collage, just choose the design that you like the most:
- blanks 18x18 cm;
- set of acrylic paints ROSA TALENT;
- acrylic primer ROSA TALENT;
- artists synthetic flat brush;
- sponge; Before starting work, please read the instructions:
1. Apply primer only to the inner and side cuts of all layers of the collage* and chipboard embellishments, as the general surface is already primed.
2. After the primer is completely dry, colour the blanks. Choose colours based on the images on the package.
We suggest painting over only the visible areas of each layer, which will be in view through the others. This will allow you to get the job done faster and use less paint. If you wish, add shine and a special mood to the collage, decorating it with sparkles, rhinestones, or other decorative elements.
3.To add a picture of rhythm and dynamics, you can paint the edges of each layer in different colours.
Side cuts painted in one colour or a framed collage will suit into a more classic interior style.
4. Glue the blanks together according to the numbering of parts.
By mixing colours in different proportions, you can get several shades.

3D collages are a new trend in interior design. A hand-made 3D collage will become a harmonious addition to any interior, emphasizing its mood, filling with special energy, and adding individuality to the living room, children's room, kitchen, or office.
- all-purpose adhesive.

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