ROSA Studio Wooden Easel, #41, Lira

ROSA Studio Wooden Easel, #41, Lira

ROSA Studio Wooden Easel, #41, Lira

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Strongly associated with fine art, an easel is an essential part of any art studio's interior design. Year by year, manufacturers are improving their design, construction, and the quality of materials, as well as extending their functionality.
To make our easels, we considered all the demands and preferences of our customers -professional artists, students, and pupils.
Apart from traditional well-known features. our easels possess a number of excellent advantages: a special design, an improved durable slider, strong bars, and a magnetic clamp for paper.
Easels designed and made by ROSA are of different kinds - studio easels and tabletop easels for work and expositions.

Key properties:
• Environmentally-friendly materials
• Thickened bar sizes offer a strong and sturdy base
• Easel attachment devices give more opportunities in the process of painting
• All items are individually packed to ensure safe transporting
Natural Materials

We use only ecologically safe materials: wood, ceramic, gypsum.

High Quality

We are focused on meeting high quality standards.

Limited Edition

We create beautiful designs in limited edition.