ROSATalent: Eco-Friendly Cotton Ecobag Coloring Kit – Tropical Leaves (220 GSM, 38x42 cm)

ROSATalent: Eco-Friendly Cotton Ecobag Coloring Kit – Tropical Leaves (220 GSM, 38x42 cm)

ROSATalent: Eco-Friendly Cotton Ecobag Coloring Kit – Tropical Leaves (220 GSM, 38x42 cm)

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Shopper bags made of natural materials are gaining great popularity.
This is a great solution for those who care about the environment, want to be comfortable while walking or shopping, and stay trendy.
ROSA TALENT eco-bag is made of 100% cotton. Dense, high-quality material and reliable sewing machine stitching of the handles allows you to load it up to 15 kg.
Painting the ROSA TALENT eco bag is an extremely exciting and at the same time easy process because the outline of the picture are already applied on the base.
A hand-painted bag will become a bright, stylish, and practical accessory that will complement your everyday look!
The ROSA TALENT colouring bag is also a unique creative gift for family and friends!

We've made sure that the work process is as convenient and exciting as possible. The kit contains all the necessary materials and a detailed description of the painting process.

•  An eco-bag with an applied outline of the picture
•  Acrylic paints for painting fabrics ROSA TALENT
•  Artistic brush
•  Colour scheme
•  A4 file

Be sure to read the instructions before starting work.

1. Choose a well-lit place.
2. Protect the work surface with a plastic tablecloth.
3. Prepare everything you need for work: kit components, a glass of water, and paper napkins.

1. Place the file inside the bag, placing it within the boundaries of the applied outlines, to prevent the paint from leaking onto the reverse side. If you wish, you can additionally fix it with tape.
2. Mix the paint thoroughly before applying.
3. Colour the picture, guided by the image on the colour chart.
Every time you finish painting with one colour, wash the brush well and dry the hair thoroughly with paper towels. Only then proceed to the next colour.
4. Leave the product to dry completely for 48 hours.
5. Fix the pattern with iron without steam, at t 30-40 C, through paper or cotton fabric. The ironing time of one area is 5 minutes.

WARNING! The product can be washed no earlier than after 48 hours. We recommend hand washing or machine washing, in a delicate mode with mild detergents, at a temperature of no more than 40 C. After washing, cotton products may shrink slightly.

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